Software Solutions for your business

In the world of DP (data processing) or IT as it's now generally called, there's little that's new, though many things may appeared to have altered, if only in name.
Even the web, internet and e-commerce are revamps of old techniques and principles,admittedly newly presented and we can help
you in any of these areas too. JCL has been supplying Solutions for a long time, well before the term became so misused.

Let's Keep Things Simple: Please assume we are able to cope with the computer software needs of most business.
Call us to discuss matters.

We create software for almost any business requirement. Your needs are not like those of anyone else and is why we do not automatically offer you, without a second thought, an off-the-shelf package as your solution. We do not feel that 'box-shifting' provides all the answers - though sometimes it may produce some of them. Computer Solutions are specific to each computer user and what suits you is worth thinking about.

There will always be new ideas on how to do things - there always has been - that is why experience still counts!

Whatever your software requirements, we can help and will produce an answer to those needs. If a suitable package is available that meets all that is demanded of it, then that would normally be part of our suggested response. However, if a package only does some of the functions that are needed we may expand or add to that package or write programs of our own for you.