Eaton Bishop Parish Council

Agendas and Minutes

3. Meetings and Minutes
- Dates, times (and venue) of meetings 12 months ahead 
- Agenda for Next meeting
- Minutes of last 12 months meetings
- note to contact Clerk if parishioners want to access older minutes


Draft copies of the minutes and agendas for each Parish Council meeting are displayed on the village notice boards at Ruckhall, the Village Hall and Honeymoor Common. It is a legal requirement for the Agenda to be published 3 working days (excluding the day of the meeting) before each meeting.

The minutes of the meeting have to be agreed by members of the Parish Council at the following month's meeting and signed as a true record of proceedings.

Agendas and minutes are shown below: 

Agenda Next Meetings -  Agenda ASM May 2020.pdf       

Minutes - for earlier minutes please contact Parish Clerk

Minutes Jan. 2018.pdf       Minutes Jan. 2019.pdf          Minutes Jan. 2020.pdf            Minutes Nov. 2020 cont'd.pdf

Minutes Feb. 2018.pdf       Minutes Feb. 2019.pdf          Minutes Feb. 2020.pdf.          Minutes Dec. 2020.pdf

Minutes March 2018.pdf.   Minutes March 2019.pdf       Minutes March 2020.pdf.        Minutes Dec.2020 cont'd.pdf

Minutes April 2018.pdf       Minutes April 2019.pdf         April  -  no meeting

Minutes May 2018.pdf.      Minutes May 2019.pdf          Minutes ASM May 2020.pdf

Minutes June 2018.pdf.      Minutes June 2019.pdf.       Minutes June 2020.pdf

Minutes July 2018.pdf        Minutes July 2019.pdf         Minutes July 2020.pdf

Minutes Sept. 2018.pdf.     Minutes Sept 2019.pdf         Minutes Sept. 2020.pdf

Minutes Oct. 2018.pdf        Minutes Oct. 2019.pdf         Minutes Oct. 2020.pdf      

Minutes Nov. 2018.pdf        Minutes Nov. 2019.pdf         Minutes Oct. 2020 cont'd.pdf

Minutes Dec. 2018.pdf.       Minutes Dec. 2019.pdf         Minutes Nov. 2020.pdf


Meeting Dates

Parish Council meetings are normally held on the second Wednesday of each month, apart from August, in Eaton Bishop Village Hall. Meetings start at 7.30 pm with the first ten minutes given over for members of the public to raise issues, ask questions and/or seek advice relevant to the Parish. If due to time constraints or if more detailed information is required the subject will be added to the following month's agenda.


Dates of meetings:

Wed. 13th Jan 2021

Wed. 10th Feb. 2021

Wed. 10th March 2021

Wed. 14th April 2021

Wed. 12th May 2021

Wed. 9th June 2021

Wed. 14th July 2021

August - no meeting

Wed. 8th Sept. 2021

Wed. 13th Oct. 2021

Wed. 10th Nov. 2021

Wed. 8th Dec. 2021